July 19, 2024
CNN Threatens YouTube Channels that Want to Provide Trump-Biden Debate Commentary

CNN Threatens YouTube Channels that Want to Provide Trump-Biden Debate Commentary

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Timcast’s host Tim Pool revealed on June 24, 2024, that CNN, which will host the presidential debate on June 27, 2024, warned any YouTube channels that livestreaming the debate and providing commentary to it would not be permitted under copyright.

“Confirming that we are offering digital platforms the ability to stream the debate only via CNN YouTube. We are not granting digital entities the right to stream the debate on their own YouTube channels. I hope that helps,” a CNN spox told Pool, according to the Post Millennial.

In the past, Pool and his team have previously streamed and commented on many debates, including the presidential ones.

“Now of course, like all presidential debates, which is the epitome of civic responsibility, of civic participation, we will provide live commentary and fact-checking on this presidential debate as we have done for every other so long as the show has been around,” Pool said.

He also talked about the censorship on Twitter.

CNN is now threatening any social channels that provide commentary on the debate stating they will not allow the use outside of CNN Commentary on a presidential debate is the epitome of fair use and we fully intend to provide insight and real-time fact-checking on Thursday LIVE,” he wrote.

Additionally, Pool responded to CNN.

“My response immediately was commentary on Presidential Debates is the epitome of fair use. We have two people running for the president of this country. One of them is the current president, and we’re going to fact-check and we’re going to comment and we are going to call them out in real time. If we can’t do that, if no one else can, then that’s strict, that’s severely limiting civic participation,” he said.

Pool also talked about how CNN is an anti-Trump network that just wants to “control the narrative.”


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