July 15, 2024
Biden’s Health Status Unclear After Reported Emergency During Flight

Biden’s Health Status Unclear After Reported Emergency During Flight

(Headline USA) Social media posts reported a medical emergency during Biden’s flight on Friday, but the Mainstream Media and White House officials say these claims are false.

We know that Air Force One landed in New Castle, Delaware, at 7:22 p.m. about the same time posts started spreading about Biden’s alleged medical emergency, but those facts remain most of what is certain about Biden’s flight on Friday.

Twitter users report that Biden experienced a medical emergency during the flight.

“I just received a tip from an anonymous source,” reads one Twitter post. “My source says that Joe Biden is currently experiencing a medical emergency on Air Force One as I type this. No further details are known.”

Another Twitter post states: “Joe Biden is reportedly having a medical emergency on Air Force One right now. Press access has been removed.” It had received approximately 15,000 likes and 10,900 shares as of Saturday morning.

Yet another Twitter post produced more details.

“Today, Joe Biden had what’s being described as a panic attack with tachycardia (HR was ~160) and he experienced a brief episode of AFib,” the post reads. “He was given Metoprolol, plus a blood thinner by IV and oxygen by nasal cannula.”

Other posts claimed that the press did not see Biden when the presidential motorcade arrived at his home Friday night.

A press pool was in Biden’s motorcade when he was dropped off at his Wilmington home, according to the AP reporter who was traveling with the president. The reporter said journalists did not see him enter the house.

But, the media and the Biden Administration are telling another story.

An AP Reporter says that there were no signs of an emergency aboard Air Force One and the press was not denied access to the plane at any point. The reporter added that press was able to move about the plane as usual and that a door separating press from Biden’s top staff was open for most of the flight.

Likewise, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates called the claim “100% false” in a Twitter post on Friday night.

Adapted from reporting by the Associated Press


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