June 17, 2024
Biden’s Carefree Christmas: Donor’s Beach Villa Post-Camp David

Biden’s Carefree Christmas: Donor’s Beach Villa Post-Camp David

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) President Joe Biden touched down in St. Croix Tuesday, set to ring in the New Year at a beach-front villa owned by some of his campaign donors, alongside the first lady and other family members, the New York Post reported Wednesday. 

The villa, described by the NY Post Post as featuring “an in-ground pool, lush landscaping and sweeping views” comes with a price tag of zero for the Bidens.

The visit marks a return to the same villa where the Bidens celebrated the arrival of 2022

The White House announced Biden’s plans to spend New Year’s at the villa owned by Bill and Connie Neville, both of whom were alleged exclusive attendees at the taxpayer-funded White House state dinner in 2022.

The Nevilles, significant donors to Biden’s presidential campaign, funneled $10,000 to the Biden 2020 campaign.

C-SPAN Footage captured the Biden family boarding Air Force One amidst heavy rain bound for the Virgin Islands

The news of this Caribbean vacation surprised many, given Biden had just spend the Christmas holiday at Camp David

“Biden just got off Christmas vacation and now he’s off for a second, more tropical vacation in St Croix,” conservative Twitter page Citizens Free Press commented. “Heck of a gig if you can steal it.” 

Podcast host Monica Crowley echoed similar sentiments on Twitter, questioning if Hunter Biden was part of this trip. 

“The puppet ‘president’ just returned from Christmas vacation at Camp David and is now off on another vacation on St Croix,” she said. “Living his best life while his puppeteers destroy the country. PS: Is Hunter on this trip??” 

Similarly, RedState columnist Buzz Patterson joined the chorus of criticism: “Joe Biden just left a vacation at Camp David to go on a vacation in St Croix. Sleep well, America.” 


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