April 14, 2024
Biden WH Drags Mayorkas Like a Rag Doll, Once Considered Removal

Biden WH Drags Mayorkas Like a Rag Doll, Once Considered Removal

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) An in-depth profile published Saturday by the New Yorker has illuminated the Biden White House’s negative perception of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who stands as the first cabinet member impeached by the House since 1876.

Citing a source close to Mayorkas, the damning profile alleged that President Biden would “blanch” whenever encountering Mayorkas, with former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain even suggesting getting rid of him. 

The White House dismissed the reporting as false, claiming through a spokesperson that Biden and Mayorkas “have a good relationship.” Similarly, Klain claimed he never suggested firing Mayorkas. “I consider Ali a friend and a dedicated public servant,” he said. 

In a 214-213 vote, House Republicans impeached Mayorkas over his alleged refusal to comply with federal immigration law and purported lies to Congress about the southern border’s security, contradicting DHS’s own data revealing unprecedented border crossings.  

But Immigration stands as just one of the numerous scandals rocking Biden’s already shady re-election efforts. Impeachment and mishandling of classified documents are among these scandals, with Biden seemingly blaming everyone but himself.

The New Yorker’s report specifically illustrates how Biden appeared to shift blame for his political downfalls onto his cabinet secretaries.  

Recently, several reports highlighted a strained relationship between Attorney General Merrick Garland and Biden after Special Counsel Robert Hur issued a politically damning report on Biden’s mishandling of classified documents

The report questioned Biden’s memory, suggesting that in a hypothetical trial, Biden would present himself as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” Such an illusion might dissuade a jury from convicting Biden of a potential crime, the report insinuated. 

As a result, several reports indicate that Mayorkas may not be brought back for a potential second term under Biden.


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