July 23, 2024
Biden Threatens Direct War w/Russia if Congress Doesn’t Approve Ukraine Aid

Biden Threatens Direct War w/Russia if Congress Doesn’t Approve Ukraine Aid

(Ken Silva, Headline USA) With Congress stalled on approving more funding for the U.S. proxy war against Russia, President Joe Biden has threatened that a direct conflict with the nuclear superpower may be on the table.

Biden made this threat on Friday in a statement on Russia’s recent bombing of Ukraine, in which it reportedly fired over 150 missiles and killed 31 people.

After warning that Ukraine’s U.S.-provided air defenses are running out, Biden said the U.S. could be pulled into direct war if legislators don’t act soon.

“When dictators and autocrats are allowed to run roughshod in Europe, the risk rises that the United States gets pulled in directly,” he said.

As antiwar.com’s Dave DeCamp noted, the Biden administration has been threatening direct war with Russia in their pitch to approve the over $60 billion they’re seeking to fund the proxy war in Ukraine for another year. Congress has already authorized more than $100 billion to date.

“[Biden’s] central claim is that if Putin wins in Ukraine, he will move into a NATO country next. But there’s no indication Russia wants a fight with the alliance, which could quickly spiral into nuclear war,” DeCamp wrote in a Sunday article.

Biden’s threat follows defense secretary Lloyd Austin allegedly telling members of Congress that their sons and daughters might be sent to fight Russia if they don’t approve aid for Ukraine.

“The Biden administration is openly threatening Americans over Ukraine. In a classified briefing in the House yesterday, defense secretary Lloyd Austin informed members that if they don’t appropriate more money for Zelensky, ‘we’ll send your uncles, cousins and sons to fight Russia,’” conservative news host Tucker Carlson said last month on Twitter.

“Pay the oligarchs or we’ll kill your kids.”

Additionally, White House official John Kirby has promised that “American blood” will be the “cost” of supporting Ukraine if Congress stop sending money.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly called Biden administration’s claim “nonsense.”

“Russia has no reason, no interest—no geopolitical interest, neither economic, political nor military—to fight with NATO countries,” the Russian leader has reportedly said.

Ken Silva is a staff writer at Headline USA. Follow him at twitter.com/jd_cashless.


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