July 15, 2024
Biden Greeted By Nonexistent Crowd in Crucial Swing State Georgia

Biden Greeted By Nonexistent Crowd in Crucial Swing State Georgia

(Headline USA) President Joe Biden traveled to swing state Georgia over the weekend but was greeted by an almost non-existent crowd.

The 81-year-old stopped in Atlanta to hold a fundraiser in Buckhead on Saturday before heading to Morehouse College to deliver the school’s commencement address.

Video footage of his arrival shows largely empty streets greeting Biden’s motorcade, with just a few people standing around to film it.

“If a presidential motorcade passes through town but absolutely nobody cares—id it really pass through town?” the Republican National Committee’s research arm said on X.

At the Atlanta fundraiser, Biden blasted his opponent, former President Donald Trump, and lauded Georgia voters as the reason he won in 2020.

“If you ever doubt the power of the vote, I say come to Georgia. You are the reason I won. Georgia is the reason I’m president right now,” Biden told supporters.

The claim comes despite a recent bombshell from the state elections board confirming that there were a significant number of double-scanned ballots in Fulton County and that the county was unable to account for more than 17,000 votes. Biden won the state by less than 12,000.

At Morehouse College, the historically black school where he delivered the commencement address, Biden was met with a crowd—but not of supporters.

Instead, students greeted him with protests for his continued support of Israel.

Other students also expressed frustration with Biden’s political pandering.

“The general feeling on the ground is that we don’t want him here,” a student named Malik told WSB-TV in Atlanta earlier this month when Biden’s speech was announced. “It’s very obvious that we’re being used to score political points and get more black votes. It is so obvious that it’s just about the presidential campaign.”

Trump, on the other hand, has continued to draw massive crowds of supporters at his campaign events. In deep blue New Jersey, for example, anywhere between 80,000 and 100,000 people turned out to see the former president.

“We’re going to win New Jersey,” he told the crowd. “As you can see today, we’re expanding the electoral map because … we’re going to win the state of New Jersey. I think we’re going to win them all. All across America, millions of people, so-called blue states, are joining our movement based on love, intelligence, and a thing called common sense.”


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