July 15, 2024
Biden Claims He Was VP During Pandemic, Says ‘Something Snapped in Trump’

Biden Claims He Was VP During Pandemic, Says ‘Something Snapped in Trump’

(Headline USA) In his latest gaffe, President Joe Biden appeared to claim he was vice president during the pandemic and that former President Barack Obama sent him to Detroit to help with the response.

Biden made the comment while speaking at an NAACP campaign event in Michigan Sunday night.

“When I was vice president, things were kind of bad during the pandemic,” Biden said, according to the New York Post. “And, what happened was Barack said to me: ‘Go to Detroit—help fix it.’”

Obama’s term ended in 2017, three years before the COVID-19 pandemic, although there were two minor epidemics during the Obama era related to swine flu and the Ebola virus

Elsewhere in his speech, Biden blasted former President Donald Trump, who was in the White House at the start of the pandemic.

“Trump is trying to make the country forget just how dark things were… when he was president,” Biden said.

“We will never forget him lying about how serious the pandemic was, telling Americans ‘just inject bleach,’” Biden continued, pushing a bogus story that the media widely disseminated as serious despite the fact that Trump was not being serious at the time. “I think that’s what he did. I think that’s why he’s so screwy.”

In another jab, Biden warned against Trump potentially nominating more justices to the Supreme Court.

“Do you think he’ll put anybody [there] who has a brain?” Biden said.

The 81-year-old, apparently unaware of the gaffe he made earlier, then went on to suggest that Trump is not mentally fit to be reelected.

“It’s clear when he lost in 2020—and I mean this sincerely—something snapped in Trump,” Biden claimed. “He just can’t accept he lost… That’s why Jan. 6 happened.”

Biden has stepped up his attacks on Trump in recent weeks, likely due to poor polling that shows Biden significantly behind in crucial swing states.

The latest Fox News poll, for example, found 46% of registered voters in Michigan support Biden, while 49% support Trump. Two years ago, Biden led Trump by 8 percentage points in the Great Lakes State.


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