July 19, 2024
Trump Out-Raised Biden by $25M Last Month

Trump Out-Raised Biden by $25M Last Month

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) It was recently revealed that Donald Trump and the Republicans out-fundraised Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee by almost $25 million last month.

On May 20, 2024, Biden’s team said they raised over $51 million for the month, far below the $76 million that Trump raised, the Post Millennial reported.

Trump’s press secretary Karoline Leavitt recently released a new statement from Trump’s campaign team, in which they wrote about how even Biden’s connections with Hollywood leftists were not able to help him.

“The only people left in America who support Crooked Joe Biden are out-of-touch billionaires in Hollywood, and it turns out even they are done giving to a failing campaign,” the campaign team wrote.

The team also thanked the small donors for supporting Trump’s presidential campaign.

“President Trump and the RNC significantly outraised Biden and the Democrats in the month of April, thanks to the support of millions of small-dollar donors from every state across the country,” they wrote.

The new statement also mentioned that Trump and his team were able to raise so much money despite the far-left establishment forcing him to sit in courtrooms for hours as a way to prevent him from campaigning.

“President Trump’s fundraising haul over Biden is especially remarkable when you consider he has been confined to a courtroom for nearly 9 hours a day over the past four weeks fighting against Biden’s Trial,” the team wrote.

It was also noted that regular Americans realized what was happening and started supporting Trump.

“President Trump’s fundraising prowess and his increasingly dominant position in the polls proves three things— the momentum is 100% on President Trump’s side, Americans see the truth about Joe Biden’s witch-hunt trial in New York and they want President Trump back in the White House to Make America Great Again,” they wrote.


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