July 19, 2024
Pro-Biden Reporter Ridiculed after ‘Inappropriate’ Defense

Pro-Biden Reporter Ridiculed after ‘Inappropriate’ Defense

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A White House correspondent faced intense backlash from conservatives on social media after she criticized another reporter for questioning whether President Biden was “awake.” 

On Friday, NBC correspondent Kelly O’Donnell, also the president of the leftist White House Correspondent Association, scolded Newsmax correspondent James Rosen.  

Rosen had suggested that Biden couldn’t address reporters about concerns regarding his ability to govern because he might have been asleep. 

“That’s inappropriate,” O’Donnell retorted, speaking with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre chimed in, “As you heard from your colleague, the president of the WHCA, that’s inappropriate.”

O’Donnell’s defense of Biden was swiftly condemned by conservatives who accused her of doing the White House’s bidding. 

“What a kiss-*ss,” remarked Becket Adams, a journalist at the Young America’s Foundation. Another critic added, “Clutch those pearls harder, Kelly O’Donnell. You’re complicit in this.”

Conservative journalist Greg Price shared a photo of O’Donnell alongside the “Mocking SpongeBob” meme, ridiculing her response. 

Saagar Enjeti, a journalist and podcast host, highlighted O’Donnell’s apparent hypocrisy, noting the leftist media’s silence during CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s aggressive behavior in the Trump-era press briefings.

“Its [sic] funny because when I was in the press corps the same people were either silent or encouraged Jim Acosta to scream like a banshee,” he said.

Conservative commentator Tim Young praised Rosen for his pointed question, stating, “Journalists are turning on this White House. … They wouldn’t dare make jokes like that pre-debate,” referring to the presidential debate that highlighted Biden’s declining mental acuity.

O’Donnell’s attempt to lecture Rosen is particularly striking given her own dramatic rants during Trump-era press briefings. In March 2020, Trump had to tell O’Donnell to “relax” after she became agitated when he tried to answer a question. 

“Just wait a minute, wait a minute, just take it nice and easy, okay? Just relax,” Trump calmly advised during a White House press briefing. 

According to the Media Research Center, America’s leading media watchdog, O’Donnell has consistently aided the White House with softball questions and cynical reporting about Supreme Court decisions, further showcasing her bias.


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