July 19, 2024
NBC Employee Fired Over Facebook Straight Pride Post

NBC Employee Fired Over Facebook Straight Pride Post

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) A staffer at an NBC News affiliate in Ohio who had been working at the station for over 20 years was fired on June 11, 2024, for posting an “unauthorized” meme on Facebook in support of “Straight Pride” during June’s celebration of everything LGBT

WFMJ in Youngstown, Ohio, announced that she was fired from her job for daring to offend homosexuals who shove their ideology down normal people’s throats all the time, especially during June, the Post Millennial reported. The station also released a public apology over the “concerning” incident.

Earlier this month, Madonna Chism Pickard, who was the station’s community relations director, posted a meme on her personal Facebook account that features a newlywed man and woman along with a caption that would offend everyone who opposes reality.

“Celebrate Straight Pride! It’s Natural, It Has Worked for Thousands of Years, And You Can Make Babies!” the caption stated.

However, Pickard, whose profile picture featured a company logo, made the mistake of taking down the post and apologizing for offending highly sensitive people. As expected, it didn’t work very well and, after the pro-LGBT mob informed the station about the “offensive” post that the employee made, WFMJ released a statement condemning Pickard’s actions.

“Dear WFMJ Viewers, early this morning, WFMJ management was made aware of an unauthorized social media post by a WFMJ employee. That post has since been removed. WFMJ is conducting an investigation into the unauthorized post. We are concerned by this incident and are moving forward with a thorough investigation,” the station wrote on Facebook on June 6, 2024.

After that, the station released a follow-up post on Jun 11, 2024, announcing Pickard’s termination.

“WFMJ has terminated the employment of our Community Relations Director following her unauthorized post on a company-linked social media site last week. WFMJ is committed to serving our entire community with the respect we believe all people deserve,” the station wrote.

WFMJ then went on to say the standard talking point about how normal people must not push back against LGBT because the unnatural behavior apparently should be tolerated.

“We recognize we live in a diverse community with differing views on many topics, and we believe discussions of those views and reporting on them should be done in a respectful manner by all. We deeply regret that our Community Relations Director crossed the line,” the station added.


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