July 23, 2024
Madonna Performs ‘Satanic Ritual’ During Dallas Concert

Madonna Performs ‘Satanic Ritual’ During Dallas Concert

(Molly BrunsHeadline USA) In a concert during Holy Week, aging pop singer Madonna opened with what appeared to be a Satanic ritual, featuring fire, strange abstract dancing, references to “the deep things of Satan” and a distorted version of a Lebanese hymn narrating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, according to Twitchy.

The show started with what sounded like a reading from the Bible, but it quickly became evident it was something more nefarious.

“Blessed is he who reads about the words of the prophecy and blessed are those who hear and who keep what is written therein,” the narration started. “For the time is near… those of you who have not learned what some called ‘the deep things of Satan,’ I know your works.”

Behind the narration, a version of the Lebanese hymn “Al Yawn Oulliqa Khashaba” by Lebanese Christian artist, Fairouz, played, according to The961.com. Madonna’s team distorted the audio, creating an eerie effect.

“A crown of spines crowns / The King of angels / He was dressed in a purple robe of mockery / He who adorns the heavens with clouds,” are some of the translated lyrics of the Fairouz song.

It is tradition for Lebanese Christians to play this hymn on Good Friday.

Several attendees reportedly left the concert immediately after the display, in protest of the display.

The 65-year-old singer is no stranger to using blasphemy, among other things, to shock and provoke outrage.

The video for 1989’s “Like a Prayer” featured her making out with a saint and earned condemnation from the Vatican.

Madonna previously used Fairouz’s work in a 1990 album titled Erotica, causing the Lebanese artist to sue.

Madonna settled out of court for $2.5 million.

More recently, she insulted supporters of former President Donald Trump by saying at a feminist rally shortly after his 2017 inauguration that she was thinking about “blowing up the White House.”

Although gratuitous provocation has been one of the tactics deployed by the musical mainstay to stay edgy and relevant in a career spanning more than four decades, recent headlines have focused more on concerns over her alleged substance-abuse issuesbotched plastic surgery and need for a handrail during the stage performance, as well as speculation that she may be wearing an adult diaper onstage.

Social-media users reacted with disgust at Madonna’s latest stunt.

“What’s wrong with artists these days?” one Twitter user asked. “they do everything on stage but sing. I’ll be damned if my child sets foot in a concert. 90% is perverted or demonic or all of the above.”

“I’ll be damned if I pay for this,” another user said.

Some also pointed out the similarities between Madonna’s performance and several other mainstream artists, including Taylor Swift and Sam Smith.

It is true that many of the performances involve cartoonish costumes, strange flailing, fire and blatant references to demons and Satan.

With Swift in particular, the demonic undertones have helped to fuel conspiracy theories linked to a broader continuum of folk tales that suggest the entertainment business is chock full of devil-worshippers, child abusers and other cultists who use their influence to indoctrinate the masses.


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