June 24, 2024
Leftist Activist Can’t Name Single Trump Crime, Immediately Gets Mocked

Leftist Activist Can’t Name Single Trump Crime, Immediately Gets Mocked

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A left-wing commentator was left flustered and unable to name a single crime committed by former President Donald Trump during a live segment on Piers Morgan Uncensored

The Monday segment featured Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary, criminal defense lawyer Mark Geragos, Daily Wire commentator Michael J. Knowles and leftist activist Francesca Fiorentini. 

The show took a dramatic turn when Knowles challenged Fiorentini to list the crimes for which Trump had been found guilty in a criminal trial led by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg

“My fellow panelist here is celebrating that the rule of law has been vindicated and overturned 248 years of American legal tradition. I would challenge her to see if she could possibly articulate how and what crime Trump committed?” Knowles asked, highlighting that even Bragg has failed to clearly describe Trump’s alleged illegal actions. 

Morgan then asked Fiorentini to answer Knowles’s question, to which she replied incoherently. 

“It was… it was… financial crimes, it was white-collar crime. That’s exactly what they charged him with, he was convicted on.” 

Morgan quickly interjected, “What was it?” Knowles pressed further, “Which was it?” 

Still unable to specify any crime, Fiorentini stammered, “It’s New York State law… I don’t even… He just got convicted on 34 counts.” 

Morgan again asked, “Francesa, what was the crime?” 

Fiorentini then descended into vague left-wing talking points, failing to provide a clear answer. 

“You’re not allowed to… to use your own financial, like your own money to pay off somebody and then he wrote, he logged it as something different,” she incoherently claimed. 

“He logged it as a regular payment but it was actually paying off this porn star to keep quiet, which, if he hadn’t running for president would not have manner but he was,” Fiorentini added, “so, it impacted campaign finance laws in New York State” 

Fiorentini’s remarks made little sense as the presidents hold federal office. Even more, the Federal Election Commission and federal prosecutors refused to file complaints against Trump.

Tellingly, Bragg’s predecessor, Cyrus Vance Jr., also declined to prosecute Trump over the same dubious claims.


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