July 19, 2024
Fake News Called Out for Claiming Tucker Carlson Planned Russian TV Show 

Fake News Called Out for Claiming Tucker Carlson Planned Russian TV Show 

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) The relentless efforts of leftist media to tarnish conservative figures never cease to amaze the right. 

Tucker Carlson is the latest victim of false accusations by major news outlets, claiming he was launching a show on a Russian-owned channel.

However, Tucker Carlson has not launched a show on Russian-owned media—nor has his company, the Tucker Carlson Network (TCN). 

In a statement posted on Twitter, TCN CEO Neil Patel refuted the false claims by Newsweek and the Daily Beast, both left-leaning outlets, alleging that Carlson was running a show on a Russian state TV channel.  

“The Tucker Carlson Network has not done any deals with state media in any country,” Patel wrote on Twitter. 

His comments were directed at Newsweek, which had published an article headlined, “Tucker Carlson Launches Show On Russian State TV.” 

The origin of this misinformation can be traced back to Rossiskaya Gazeta, a Russian state-owned publication cited by Newsweek.  

According to their report, Carlson was supposedly collaborating with Russian media to produce a show featuring interviews with individuals holding alternative viewpoints to the mainstream. 

The Daily Beast went as far as to suggest that Carlson had become part of Russian propaganda, writing, “The Kremlin propaganda machine has made Tucker Carlson its newest star television host, whether he likes it or not.” 

This claim was promptly dismissed by Patel and Carlson himself. “This is completely absurd,” Carlson told Mediaite in response to Newsweek and Daily Beast. “Reporters are so dishonest and stupid. I’ve never even heard of this channel.” 

These claims come amid ongoing accusations from liberals and Democrats that Republicans, conservatives, and anyone who opposes their narrative on Russia and its war in Ukraine are part of the Russian apparatus. 

Notably, the episode aired by Russia 24 had nothing to do with Russia, Mediaite reported. Instead, the episode featured Carlson interviewing Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. 


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