July 14, 2024
Crash Course (Education) – Raging Bull

Crash Course (Education) – Raging Bull

Here’s a quick crash course.

Even if you’re buying calls or puts, how many ways do you have to prevail?

That’s right, in both cases, you have ONE.

That’s ONE, singular way to win.

Buy AAPL calls… it better go up.

Buy AAPL puts… it better go down.

Now, I’m trading + teaching based on 20+ years of learning from various options trading strategies.

That includes playing every strategy at hand.

Like buying calls and puts. Again, only ONE way to win with these trades.

In all honesty, if you’re NEW or struggling (like 80% of you are), buying calls and puts might become your most inconsistent strategy.

Don’t get me wrong… you might have some big wins.

Unfortunately, losses might outweigh those wins.

It just might not cut it.

What you need to do is familiarize yourself with a high-probability strategy that is commonly overlooked.

The idea of selling options might not cross your mind simply because it SEEMS too complex.

Well, let’s talk about my first student, Jason Bond — a former elementary school teacher — how was he supposed to know how to do this?

He let me teach him — he thought HOLY SCHNIKES — simply put, it was an “ah ha” moment.

TODAY, he runs an entire Small Account Journey for members — applying the Wall ST Bookie strategy.

Here’s a recent trade.

Trade not typical. Don’t expect to replicate.

+9% account growth in JUST ONE TRADE.

All because Jason invested his trust in learning how to sell options from me.

I’m not guaranteeing your account will grow in one trade. This is trading, a business, not a hobby.

But I’m staring at a tempting NEW trade right now.

The stock is trading in the $160s…

Say someone is buying $180 calls on that stock as an example…

That stock BETTER go up very fast (time is an options buyer’s enemy!)…

Especially in this market!

So, I sell calls to that $180 strike call option buyer… or as I like to call them, the “gambler”…

Again, the only way the “gambler” wins is if that stock goes UP, FAST! 

The way I can prevail?

That stock could stay flat.

It could fall. 

It could even go to $179.99!

If it doesn’t break $180, I WIN!

Three ways to win… Forget about limiting yourself to ONE!

That’s the odds I’m playing.

That’s how I became the “Wall ST Bookie.”

You want a taste of the other side?

I’m preparing to alert this trade SOON!

Stop gambling. Start trading smart.


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