July 19, 2024
Columbia Law Review’s Paper Argues Jews ‘Capitalized’ on Holocaust

Columbia Law Review’s Paper Argues Jews ‘Capitalized’ on Holocaust

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) A small group of people edited an anti-Semitic Columbia Law Review article, excluding “a large number of Jewish students” from the process to make sure that the article would not be ripped to shreds for its hateful nature.

While potential articles are typically available for the Law Review‘s roughly 100 members to assess ahead of publication, the “Toward Nakba as a Legal Concept” piece was edited behind closed doors by a small group of approximately 30 far-left student editors, Columbia Law School professor Joshua Mitts told the Washington Free Beacon.

He then added that, while that group edited the piece “over several months,” other editors— including Jews — didn’t even know that the article existed before June 1, 2024, which was just two days before the publication of the piece.

Initially, the piece was supposed to be published on the website of the student-edited Review on June 3, 2024, even though the Review‘s board of directors requested to delay the publication of the article. The board wrote in a letter to student editors that the editing process of the article was the problem and the reason for the request to delay the publication.

Columbia Law Professor Gillian Metzger and Columbia Law School Dean Gillian Lester requested the piece to be “delayed for a few days” to ensure “all student editors would have an opportunity” to read it.

The far-left students pretended to agree with the suggestion. However, when the board found out that the leftists planned to publish the piece immediately behind everybody’s backs, the Review‘s website was “temporarily suspended.”

The reason why the leftist students wanted to edit the article and publish it by themselves became clear when it was discovered that the piece was written by a Jew-hating Harvard University doctoral candidate Rabea Eghbariah, who included a lot of his beliefs in the article.

In one of the footnotes, Eghbariah wrote that Israel “capitalized on the Holocaust to create a powerful narrative that monopolizes victimhood to the state,” adding in another part of the article that the Holocaust created an “ethnonationalist Jewish identity” that turned a “victimized group” into “victimizers.”

“The rise of Nazism to power and its culmination in the Holocaust contributed to the creation of an exclusivist and ethnonationalist Jewish identity among European Jewry, ultimately popularizing the political project of Zionism,” he wrote.


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